A lab talk at TU Delft

Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 4.47.50 PM
ID Studio Lab Talk, Feb. 10th, 2016, TU Delft, Netherlands
Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 4.54.31 PM
IDE Department Building, TU Delft
Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 4.54.38 PM
IDE Department Lobby, TU Delft

Euiyoung Kim visited TU Delft last week, Netherlands and gave a talk on the topic of Design Roadmapping in the IDstudio lab, IDE department.

LabTalk – 10 Feb. 2016 – Euiyoung Kim

Design Roadmapping: A Framework and Case Study of Planning Development of High-tech Products in Silicon Valley


Studio Lab guest: Euiyoung Kim

The Design Roadmapping Research Team at UC Berkeley has investigated current usage/potential implementation of Design Roadmapping in today’s high-tech consumer product companies located in Silicon Valley, US. This research aims to identify how the future design paradigm should evolve as the market moves faster and users’ needs become more unpredictable. In my research, I describe the design roadmaps using a canvas that visualizes a set of design elements over a time frame. This model has already been tested and adopted by several firms in U.S. and is well received by the worldwide design community. Results to date have shown the potential of this framework in design-driven innovation. Last summer, Sproutel, a startup that uses Design Roadmapping for its new product development process, was invited to the White House to demonstrate its Jerry the Bear product directly to President Obama and his staff.

In this talk, I will show results from 35 interviews of designers, engineers, and product managers from San Francisco Bay Area consumer product companies. I will discuss challenges and opportunities for the Design Roadmapping process in order to formalize its structure, framework and elements. Lastly, the entire procedure with 5 Design Roadmapping steps and key findings will be presented.


Euiyoung Kim is a ph.d candidate in the department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley, majoring new product development and design theory & methods. He is a member of the BiD (Berkeley Design Institute) and BEST Lab. His research interest involves human centric research and multi-disciplinary studies that bring different academic research fields together such as marketing, design and engineering through design thinking and innovation processes. He is now working in SRA (Samsung Research America), San Francisco as a Design Business Consultant in design roadmapping, future product planning, and portfolio management.


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