A design roadmap is a canvas that allows design teams strategically visualize and map out user experience design elements over time. This new approach creates roadmaps driven by innovations from the perspective of future customers, instead of solely by technology projections. This workshop will introduce the Design Roadmapping concept, frameworks, and steps used to identify anticipated product concepts through a human-centered design approach. There will be the opportunity to form teams of 3-4 with fellow professionals, educators, and students to create example Design Roadmaps on a topic either provided by the instructor or by workshop participants. Participants can expect to learn a hands-on rapid roadmap prototyping process that is well aligned with IDSA conference’s theme. The workshop will utilize tangible games, as well as digital templates and worksheets for immersive, group-based learning.
Session 1- Workshop (1.5-2 hours)
This session provides a hands-on design roadmapping workshop. Teams of 3-4 professionals, educators, and students will be formed to create the example Design Roadmap by following guided steps on the topic that is either provided by an instructor or brought in by workshop participants.

Session 2 – Presentation (0.5 hours)
This session introduce design roadmapping case studies from high-tech companies. We will show research results from 40 interviews of designers, engineers, and product managers from San Francisco Bay Area consumer product companies as well as challenges and opportunities in current roadmapping processes


Euiyoung Kim

Euiyoung Kim: Researcher, Berkeley Institute of Design, UC Berkeley, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of California, Berkeley USA

Euiyoung is finishing his Ph.D. Dissertation on the topic of Design Roadmapping at UC Berkeley and continuing his work with BiD (Berkeley Institute of Design) and Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation on campus. Prior to joining UC Berkeley, he worked in the consumer electronics industry for many years as a product manager, design business consultant, and researcher for several firms, including Samsung Research America San Francisco Office and Samsung Electronics Headquarters Korea. He holds a Master’s degree in Engineering Design Innovation from Northwestern University. His current research focuses on design roadmapping, human-centered design, product design, and new product development. He is a recipient of two Best Paper Awards from ICED (International Conference on Engineering Design) in 2013 and 2015, and a fellow of 2015 Summer Institute for Preparing Future Faculty, UC Berkeley.


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