ME 110 (Product Design & Development), Spring 2017

ME110_Final tradeshow 1

ME110 Spring 2017

Introduction to Integrated Product Development

General Information


  • Euiyoung Kim, PhD., Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation, 450 Sutardja Dai Hall (CITRIS Building), (224) 795-2839,

Graduate Student Instructors:

Reader: Jimmy Huang,

Visiting Faculty: Marcelo López-Parra,Visiting Professor in Mechatronics, UNAM,

Class Meetings: T TH 12:30-2:00 pm in 310 Jacobs Hall

Optional Discussion/Workshops: 1-2pm F, 210 Jacobs Hall

Office Hours

  • Euiyoung Kim, W 2-3pm, #5138 Etcheverry Hall | Th 2-4:30pm, #310D Jacobs Hall



This course provides an introduction to the integrated product development processes: engineering design process and conceptual design of products in the thoughtful implementation of human-centered design (Observation, framework, imperatives, and solutions). It provides an experience in preliminary project planning of complex and realistic mechanical engineering systems. Design concepts and techniques are introduced; the student’s design ability is developed in a design project or design iteration chosen to emphasize innovation and ingenuity, and provide wide coverage of engineering design topics. Design optimization and social, environmental, economic, and political implications are included. There is an emphasis on hands-on creative components, teamwork, oral presentation, and effective communication of the design process. There is a special emphasis on the management of innovation processes for the development of sustainable products (and/or services), from product definition to sustainable manufacturing and business model canvas. The course will include mandatory oral presentations (individual/group) and portfolio (individual). We highly encourage multidisciplinary team learning experience. Further, we will actively engage professionals from industry and academia as guest speakers.



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